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I will bet some of you have seen this bar in your gym and scratched your head.  It's ok ... We're gonna give you the scoop on the Trapbar deadlift! Reasons why it's a great accessory lift, why it's great for beginners, and how it helps athletes develop awesome lower body explosive power.

For the powerlifter out there, the Trapbar deadlift can be used to assist in squat and deadlift progress.   Because of the handle placement, the Trapbar allows the lifter to set up with the hips lower than the conventional deadlift and power out of the hole in the bottom portion of the squat.  Because of the load being lower than the hip line, there is less stress on the mid spine and core.  So you can improve your technique and get stronger without taking away from your core lifts.

For the beginner out there, the Trapbar hand placement allows for a more anatomically comfortable starting position and makes it easy to keep the bar path vertical. This will make remaining in a safe and powerful body position easier.  The load on the body being below the hip line allows for the beginner to develop muscle in the lower body safely while the core and back get strong enough to handle conventional barbell squats.

Have you ever watched someone jump, play defense on someone, or make tackle?  Look at their body position ... hips below shoulders, hands at their sides, chest high ... What does that look like?  You guessed it - Trapbar deadlift!  I really believe in this tool for training athletes. It puts them in the closest position possible to what they will be in during a contest with a load.  (Thank you Charles Poliquin, creator of Bigger Faster Stronger, for introducing me to this tool.)  I've used bands, chains, deficit, and all different types of rep ranges and rest ratios with the Trapbar to get all my athletes "GAINZ" lol in the vertical jump, acceleration and overall explosive power. 

In short, don't be afraid to incorporate the Trapbar deadlift in your programming regardless of your sport or goals.  You just might find out that you've been missing a great tool on your road to your fitness success.

  By Ray Padilla, EPS Training, personal trainer at Whippany Athletic Club,, Instagram @eps_training