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Our member Ozzie Hyppolite competed last month in the 2014 USAPL NJ State Powerlifting Championships.  After a hard-fought battle among the top lifters in the 181lb Open division, Ozzie placed second out of 11 lifters in the division with a total just 5lb behind the first-place finisher.  Ozzie totaled 1,284lb with a 447lb squat, a 331lb bench press, and a 507lb deadlift.  Ozzie's bench press was a New York State record!  Great lifting, Ozzie!
12:16 PM


Dan NJ State Finals 16 August 2014 CC-2 (2)
When Whippany Athletic Club member Dan Blumenfeld took the stage last month in the Over 50 Division at the NPC NJ State Bodybuilding Championship, few in the audience suspected the incredible journey that brought him there. Just a few years ago the competitor with this impressive physique (see photo) was an out of shape 275 pounds, and could not walk a block without stopping to rest. Dan, himself a practicing physician, discovered he had coronary artery disease and underwent open heart surgery and many months of rehab and recovery. Determined to turn his life around, Dan dropped 70 pounds and began serious bodybuilding training. Working with Whippany Athletic Club trainer Frank Stinson, himself an IFBB professional bodybuilder and pro heavyweight champion, Dan began packing on the muscle. Even the setback of a hernia operation earlier in the year could not deter Dan from competing. He is an inspiration to his fans, who look forward to cheering “Dr. Dan” in his next show this fall.