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Functional Training

For people of all fitness levels: improve your overall athletic performance with the Full Body Circuit Training Class, taught by experienced instructor and Tough Mudder competitor Kristen Richardson.  This workout targets strength, cardio endurance and muscular endurance, with plyometric training for explosiveness to achieve a total body transformation. Designed to allow you to catch your breath at one station, then challenge yourself at the next, this class is based on scientifically proven principles of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and will get you addicted to fitness.


Enlist in The Crucible, by Semper Fitness– a 60 minute workout inspired by MMA training and taught by veteran U.S. Marine elite trainer Felix Erazo.  The workout is comprised of strength & conditioning, core & balance, plyometrics and Jumping Rope!  Each class is different, so there's something for everyone. 


For functional and sport- specific training Semper Fitness is available ONLY at the Whippany Athletic Club. For more information, click here


Whippany Athletic Club is a premier performance training provider to athletes of all ages and skill levels! Our progressive training protocol includes a sport-specific active dynamic warm up, speed and agility training focusing on mechanics and proper sport specific movement patterns, an aggressive strength and conditioning program that helps improve bone density, strength, and explosive power, a pre-hab program that strengthens shoulders, hips, and elbows to prevent injury, and a comprehensive flexibility program.  Our facility has the latest and most innovative training tools and our coaches are accomplished collegiate and professional athletes who have passed rigorous certification programs. We offer 1 on 1, partner, and group training options. Want to reach the next level? Let us show you the way! Don’t just train this offseason EVOLVE !!!



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